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    The Baker Street Babes Birthday Giveaway: Holmes Version

    The Baker Street Babes put our out first podcast one year ago today. Least to say we’ve come a very long way and it wouldn’t have been possible without all of you. So, the past few months we’ve been gathering prizes and goodies for a MASSIVE giveaway… and here it is!

    In this version of the give away you win EVERYTHING below. Yes. EVERYTHING!

    • Sherlock Series 1 DVD, signed by Benedict Cumberbatch & Martin Freeman (donated by Hartswood Films)
    • Sherlock Art Nouveau print (donated by Daunt)
    • Sherlock & John bookmarks (donated by Daunt)
    • Sherlock t-shirt of your choice (donated by Qwertee)
    • Baker Street Journal Spring Issue featuring an interview with Baker Street Babe Curly/Kristina. (donated by The Baker Street Journal)
    • The full Sherlock Holmes Society of London dramatised canon CD set, signed by the actors. (donated by The Sherlock Holmes Society of London)
    • Brainy is the New Sexy pendant in polished brass. (donated by Belaurient Arts)
    • I Believe In Sherlock Holmes pendant in sterling silver. (donated by Belaurient Arts)
    • I Believe In Sherlock Holmes keychain in nickel silver. Please be aware this is made of nickel and if you’re allergic to it you now have a free gift to a non-allergen Sherlockian of your choice! (donated by Belaurient Arts)
    • The Detective & The Woman, signed by author Amy Thomas (donated by Amy Thomas)
    • The Illustrated Speckled Band. (donated by Gasogene Books, Wessex Press)
    • My Love Affair With Sherlock magazine by Caitlin Moran.
    • The Sherlock Holmes Handbook by Ransom Riggs
    • Large print of Sherlock & John in a train carriage by reapersun. Pen there for scale. (donated by reapersun)
    • Baker Street mini-sign
    • CD of BigFinish’s Sherlock Holmes: The Adventure of the Perfidious Mariner starring Nick Briggs. (Donated by BigFinish)

    So? How do you win?

    • You may reblog each version ONCE per DAY. The giveaway will run until June 10th.
    • Likes DO NOT COUNT.
    • The winners will be chosen by a random number generator. They will have 24 hours to confirm with their address. The first number wins the Holmes Version, the second number wins the Watson Version.
    • We will ship anywhere in the world.
    • You cannot win both versions of the giveaway.
    • You do not have to be following us, however, this is a present to our followers and listeners, so it’s appreciated. Plus we do really cool things like interview Sherlock cast and authors and chat about Sherlock Holmes all the time!
    • If you are following us and win, you’ll get an extra special gift on top of all of this!
    • Any questions, naturally just ask. We’d prefer if you’d send an ask not anonymously so we can reply privately and not clog up people’s dashes.

    You can listen to our podcasts [HERE]!

    Follow us on twitter at @BakerStBabes

    Like us on facebook [HERE]!

    And visit our website [HERE]!

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