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  1. reapersun:

laurenlightning: could you please draw the bit  in reichenbach when john grabs sherlock through the bars but make them  kiss?

221babe: okay you  know the scene in reichenbach when Sherlock is holding John “hostage”  and Sherlock climbs over the gate and John is still on the other side  and they are saying something? Yeah all I could imagine was them making  out through the bars

chriseev: could  you please draw sherlock and john handcuffed together and cooperating kissing through the green fence? <3

yourlandladynotyourmanservant: Sherlock  and John kissing through the bars of that fence.

This is a perfect piece of perfect perfection.



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      Literally didn’t know what fandom WAS until I stumbled onto Reaper. Bless her! Thank you! I think? No, it’s GOOD! Fandom...
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      Hah, reapersun is a big part of what got me on tumblr too
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      Ok so I’m reblogging this one first because this pic is the reason I ended up on tumblr in the first place: looking for...
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